Speciabilities Development Center


    Programs for Special Education Class

  Job Training and Placement Program

The program is designed to provide training to young adults and adolescents the necessary discipline and work skills needed to prepare them to function fully and independently as part of society;s workforce. This training helps to promote social and interpersonal skills, builds personal care skills and develops community awareness.

 Personal - Social Skills Program

The program will enhance and develop the social interaction skills of every student as well as refine their self-help skills. 

 Extended Day Program

This program is intended to fully enrich the learning potential of every student beyond the required class hours. The students stay in the school for the whole day and they are given a variety of activities to supplement their educational development. 

Practical Academics

The students will be taught practical knowledge in their academic subjects most importantly in the core areas of English and Math that they can apply in daily living and for future employment.

Interactive Community Experience Program (ICEP)

The students will have the opportunity to visit different institutions in the community such as churches, banks, fire stations, bookstores and other places of interest to apply, enhance and validate classroom learning. The educational trips will enrich the student's basic knowledge on the institutions by learning through experience.

Sports and Recreation Program

A variety of sports activities will be made available to every student such as swimming badminton, basketball, tennis and table tennis. These activities enhance their socialization skills while encouraging them to be active for their general development. Recreational activities will be offered as well such as arts and crafts. These in turn will tap the creative side of every student and takes the form of a therapy too. 

Livelihood Program

The qualified students cook and sell snacks. On special occasions, they make special products such as chocolate lollipops, oatmeal cookies during the month of February. The profit will be divided among them. 

Integrated Caregiver Program

The caregivers students will be trained and integrated in the over-all class activities. They are required to attend in the class and act as teacher aides for proper training. This will train them to properly implement the skills learned by their ward in school to the home setting.